Fjord tour Jørpeland

Join us on our best-selling tour: a guided kayak trip around the Jørpelandsholmen islets. During this beginner level tour, you will experience coastal wildlife, hear stories about local cultural and natural history, and enjoy delicious food made with locally-sourced ingredients. This tour is the best medicine for your body and soul!

Just 10 minutes from Preikestolen (by car), this tour allows you to safely experience the local islets around Jørpeland with the expertise of a local guide. You do not need any kayaking experience as we will provide instruction in safety and rescue techniques. This tour gives you a taste of nature and will show you that you can safely manage a new experience.

In addition to learning about the ice age and prehistoric life in this area.

Out among the islets there is plentiful birdlife too. If you look down through the crystal clear waters you will see small crabs, shrimps and maybe a salmon jumping beside your kayak!

During the tour we will stop for a rest for about half an hour on one of the pretty beaches. You can either bring your own lunch for this stop or book one of our popular lunchpacks through the booking system. Or you may just want to relax and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. The choice is yours!

Tour last from 2-2,5 hours, depending on weather and speed of the group.


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